Tricia Wong

How I style long bottoms | Pepperkoko

Tricia Wong
How I style long bottoms | Pepperkoko

Elongating your legs with long bottoms

Words: Tricia

Photos: Soe (@soe.what)

Style Edition: Pepperkoko

"Fashion is the amour to survive the reality of everyday life" - Bill Cunningham

I have never been a fan of flare, long bottoms. I always thought they were unflattering and makes me look fatter than I am. But I gave it a chance in recent couple of months and it was not so bad after all.

So here is a blog post to show you guys how I paired a couple of items I chose from Pepperkoko's website ( which I am absolutely in love with! If you are bottom heavy (like me), pair your long skirts/pants the right way and it can elongate your bottom half. 

As I have larger thighs and bigger hips than the usual girls around my size, it is often difficult to buy bottoms online without having the fear that they will not fit. Hence, I chose to play safe and ordered this loose cut flare bottom denim jeans with an elastic band at the back. 

Remember to tuck your shirt in and wear it as a mid/high waist pants and paired them with a off-shoulder black top. That way, it will give the illusion that your body is shorter and your legs are longer than they are.

One thing to note was that I found the sizes for the bottoms slightly bigger than the measurements given on the Pepperkoko website. Thankfully I had planned to have my top tucked in so that helped a little!

Tip: When buying bottoms with elastic bands, get a size smaller than your usual to give allowance that the band stretches.

Are you ready for the next outfit I got from Pepperkoko's website?

Style Edition


Major love for little details like the uneven length of my skirt

For the second outfit, I chose a light blue top to go with a khaki coloured long skirt. I wanted more neutral colours to give the sweet Saturday date look while showing a bit of skin by exposing the shoulders.

Similarly, an off shoulder top is chosen with the aim (again) to give the illusion that my legs are longer by compensating with a seemingly shorter body length. 

That being said, these are the ongoing GSS promotions at Pepperkoko:

  1. New Arrivals – 15% off
  2. Storewide – 25% off on all other items except New Arrivals
  3. Outlet Sales – 35% off
  4. Orders above $60 will be entitled to the season’s free gift
  5. Weekly top spenders to receive a pair of movie tickets, 5 pairs up for grabs

You can also quote "TRICIA10" for $10 off with a minimum purchase of $40.

Lastly, don't be scared to venture into new styles and try different looks now and then. 

I hope you guys enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Show me what is your favourite way to pair your long bottoms by tagging me in your pictures on Instagram (@triciawonggg)! I would love to see those outfits.

Happy shopping!