A reminder to self

A reminder to self

Words: Tricia

Photos: Jaegen (@jaegentan)

Treasure the people around you. They are the ones that ensure you don't stray too far off. Thank you friends, for keeping me grounded.

Turning 24 this year means a lot to me. I crossed the first year of being a graduate and a working adult! Same time last year, I was still trying to adjust to working life and having responsibilities. If you asked me 10 years ago, I would have absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. My ambition changes periodically depending on what I feel like and it can be a 180 degrees turn within a span of a few days.

Thinking back, I've grown up so much. I have tried so many things, worked in so many places (Camp Facilitator, Universal Studios Ride Operator, Bartender just to name a few), traveled around and I never regretted any of it. A lifetime worth of experience is indeed not something money can buy and I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone many times.

Story time

My boyfriend Joseph booked a suite in SO Sofitel Singapore located along Robinson Road (next to Lao Pa Sat) for my surprise party. Obviously I knew we would have a staycay somewhere, being the detective me but I was not expecting a surprise. My birthday falls during the CNY period every year so yknow, family duties for many.

But somehow, he managed to pull it off. 

 Balloons c/o: @mypartybuzz

Balloons c/o: @mypartybuzz

When I first arrived at SO Sofitel, I was not expecting much. I thought to myself, how nice can a boutique hotel located within CBD be? I was so wrong. As you can see from the pictures, the bathroom is huge with a large tub that can fit two people. Most boutique hotels have bath tubs that barely fit a typical Asian built male so + points for this.

Besides the room being really big and having a high ceiling (+ points for that too), everything including the lights, the TV, the curtains are all controlled by a single IPAD. Talk about being tech savvy huh? Of course, that also means that no two person can simultaneously turn on the TV while closing the curtains but hey, that is not a function you get to see everyday so I'll take it.

 Balloons c/o of: @mypartybuzz

Balloons c/o of: @mypartybuzz

Shortly after we checked in, three of my friends (Shaun, Jaegen and Noelle) appeared at the door saying they were here to pump balloons like what (????), was I expecting more people? Why are we even decorating the place? Why am I pumping my own birthday balloons (LOL).

Just to entertain everyone, especially Joseph who rented a mini helium tank (omg I know), we pumped up all the balloons while sucking up the excess helium to make videos.

We headed to Alter Ego for dinner afterwards cos everyone had an unanimous craving for poke bowls that night (hahaha) only to find out my second surprise for the night was seeing Crystal already there waiting for me and Emily who came afterwards. They are legit-ly the best girlfriends you can find (and single) and sometimes I wonder if I have separation anxiety from them.

That was not it...

 Birthday cake by my love: @noel.lin / @meltedsg

Birthday cake by my love: @noel.lin / @meltedsg

Shortly after we reached the hotel room, the door bell rang and my third surprise of the night had arrived. A group of seemingly familiar people marched in singing happy birthday with a magical tsumtsum x unicorn cake. Overwhelmed by excitement, I realized Jon, Sterling, Paulyn, Lorraine were the ones that just came in. How crazy it is to not be expecting your friends to turn up because it was CNY and end up having everyone there? 

No prizes for guessing, but it was the queen of fondant Noelle that designed this beautiful cake! Look how detailed each and every part of the cake was. I was not willing to cut my cake but I eventually did just so everyone could have a piece of the delicious dark chocolate cake.

Being the unprepared us, we had to call the concierge if they had ice and plates. We were greeted with much hospitality and they provided us with not just what we asked for but also mini forks as well, as though they knew we were having a party inside. Service at SO Sofitel was indeed a pleasant one (+ points).

To end off, here's the picture of my (new) family. 

To Joseph, you have been the missing piece I was trying to find my whole life. You keep me on the edge and make me want to be a better person for you. 

To Lorraine, thank you for being the sister I never had. I look forward hearing all the stories you have and trying out all the dishes you make in time to come.

To Emily, my bestfriend of 12 years and counting. You drive me insane but keep me sane all at the same time. I don't know how you do it, but there's just something inside you that makes you special.

To the rest of my friends behind this success party, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH. I look forward to every weekend without fail because I know I get to meet all of you. My life would have been black and white without you colourful markers lighting it up.

Lastly, happy birthday to me.

Thank you for growing up to be a strong independent woman. You may not have the best of temper, the best of brains but you never stop wanting to learn more, more about yourself and to strive for something better. You are surrounded by many who loves you and friends who are willing to go through ups and downs with you. Thank you for being authentic, thank you for being genuine. Please remember who you are, stay true to yourself.