A Traveler's Edition - Styling tips

Optimizing luggage space while not compromising on style

Words: Tricia

Pictures: Soe (@soe.what)

I often travel light and that gives me flexibility when it comes to flying on budget airlines. Traveling light for the ladies might seem like a tough thing to do but trust me, it is all about planning your outfits ahead of time!

With the Korean fashion wave hitting us, we see many of us now rocking the two piece midi length dress with an inner shirt. While that might be trendy when wearing it together on the streets, it might not necessarily be the best when paired it separately. Remember, this article is all about maximising outfit choices when we have limited space!

In this case, I chose an off-shoulder top instead of a plain white t-shirt to pair it with my outer dress (as seen in the pictures).

Tip: We should always take note not to clash the colours or overdo the prints in our outfits.

What do I mean by that?

That simply means when pairing with a stripped off shoulder top (in my case), we should try our best to match it with a plain coloured outer dress instead of one that has any form of prints on it. 

While that might sound a lot like common sense to us, we sometimes get too carried away picking our outfits that we forget these tiny details matter so much! (Think stripped top with a checked outer dress....no that is just weird so don't do that)

That being said, it will be a plus point if you can match even the little details of your top/skirt/jeans etc to other parts of your outfit! In this case, the strips on my top is blue so that matches my denim outer layer too.

Outfit 2 takes away the denim dress and goes for a pair of ripped jeans. This gives you two very different looks for your (wanderlust) pictures, transforming you from a demure lady to a cool, on-the-go girl. Versatility in outfits is very important when traveling because that maximizes the space you have in your luggage!

That's all from me for this Traveler's Edition series. I will be covering more traveler's tips now and then so hit me up and let me know what else you will like for me to share!

Outfit: Joop Boutique

You can find them island wide at Vivo City, Jurong Point, Whitesands, Marina Square, Anchorpoint or shop online at www.jovet.com.sg